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>Rambling Rosa Lutea

April 25, 2011


About six weeks ago I was excited to see that my Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ was forming hundreds of robust rosebuds. It’s about ten years old and this year forms a canopy which almost entirely covers the top of our 4m x 2m metal arbour. I’ve pruned it fairly ruthlessly over the years, always keeping the longest branches that I then guide and tie to the horizontals on top of the frame. Last year I added thin wires every 50cm across the top to support the weight of the rose. My vision was that one day it would span the entire frame and provide a living ‘roof’ to our outdoor dining area. This spring it has done just that, providing substantial dappled shade in the current heat wave. The fabulous rose scent is soft and subtle and gently floods the air all day and if the bedroom windows are open, all through the night. The flowers are small pale yellow pom-poms that contrast well with the fresh green of the leaves. Today I took this picture and would guess that half the buds have opened and the rest will emerge in the coming week. It’s the perfect rambling rose for this purpose because it’s thorn-less which makes the regular pruning that is needed much easier to manage. 
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