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Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco

June 21, 2011

Yesterday I sowed three rows of borlotto beans directly in the ground. They should be ready to crop in late September and over the summer the dramatic red and cream pods will be a welcome addition to the beds. My first experience of this bean was in an Italian market several years ago, it was new to me as a vegetable.  I loved the striking colour but I cooked them whole and was rather under-whelmed by the very stringy pods. I now prefer to grow them on until the pods hang cream and papery dry. The beans can then be podded and used in the classic soup ribollita.  With that in mind I planted a row of dramatic purple-green leafed kale Cavolo Nero di Toscana (under cover to keep the pigeons off). The two combine to make this really delicious soup.

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  1. June 21, 2011 2:46 pm

    Great minds think alike – have just fleeced all brassicas against the leaf-stripping antics of damned pigeons, and scratch-footed bellying-down of pheasants.

    Inspired by borlotto story, love them in chilli instead of kidney beans, so if it’s not too late, will plant some.

    • June 21, 2011 2:53 pm

      Definitely not too late I simply pushed the bean directly into the soil. Plant to allow for about 25cm by 25cm growth, they don’t need staking.


  1. Cavolo Nero « Sue Berger – My Patch

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