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Little Gem of a Recipe

August 27, 2011

I had to lift a couple of Little Gem lettuces to make room for some Hungry Gap Kale and I suddenly remembered a delicious Elizabeth David recipe.  I think it’s from Summer Cooking but since all my books have fallen apart after decades of use I am unable to verify it. But it went something like this: Finely slice a couple of medium size onions and cook gently in olive oil till just beginning to brown. Pre-cook French beans for 8-10 minutes and add to the onions. I used a mixture of purple and yellow plus some baby runner beans. Slice a couple of lettuces length ways removing the woody bit at the end. Stir into the onions and beans making sure you coat the leaves well in the olive oil. As soon as the lettuce begins to wilt remove all the vegetables from the pan and serve hot. There is something unexpectedly delicious about the texture of cooked lettuce. We ate this dish with a frittata made with allotment new potatoes and it was simply lovely.

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