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Tulip Fever

September 25, 2011

My bulbs arrived last week from and yesterday on a gorgeous sunny day and with no excuse-I got them all planted. The bulb delivery included autumn Crocus Pulchellus chosen because it’s good for naturalizing and it has a scent. Those were planted in the Spring ‘woodland’ area just inside the gate. A white Gladioli ‘The Bride’ is to go in rows in the newly prepared cutting bed on the allotment.

The bedraggled bedding plants and sad-looking basil, from my favourite Clive Bowen garden pots, were chucked and the compost topped up ready for the tulips. It’s the tulips that I look forward to most. With names like T.Black Parrot which is a deep purple, T.Nightrider described as deep mauve, feathered green and T.Rococo which is carmine, edged with fire-red, it was impossible to resist.  I have used Rococo before and two years ago, after flowering, I lifted the bulbs and planted them deep in a bed on the allotment. This year they were in full bloom and I hope they will re-appear next year.I had to cover all the pots with chicken wire to stop the squirrel planting his walnuts or stealing the bulbs but this can be removed as soon as the green leaves emerge next year.

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