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Strange and Beautiful Forms

May 24, 2012

I’ve a bit of a thing about green flowers and so I love this Phlomis russeliana before the soft yellow flowers emerge.  It tolerates some shade but does really well in hot dry areas so is a useful plant for gravel gardens. The  hairy heart-shaped leaves help the plant to retain water and a clump in a flower bed on the allotment rarely gets watered and is looking really good with little attention. It will divide it up  easily in autumn to make more plants.

Below is a photo of Allium christophii taken at 5am this morning ( I then went back to bed). The light was reallybeautiful, soft and much subtler than the intense and wonderful sunlight we are getting throughout the day.  I wanted to capture the emerging flowers before the full firework display that will follow in the days ahead. Last autumn 30 bulbs went in to what was to be my laundry garden – I had completely forgotten the plan. And now of course draping wet clothes over these beauties is out of the question. I particularly love the upright drumsticks in contrast to the rounded form of the box balls and low-growing mounds of  helichrysums,  lavender and sage that were planted to scent the laundry.

And in the same bed an unexpected guest Allium multibulbosum (Nigrum) has appeared.  I guess it crept in at the dispatch stage but it’s gorgeous with tiny white flowers surrounding a round green head in the centre.  I’ve been quite un-adventurous in my allium choice till now,  partly limited space, but I will have to have more of these next year.

And this week the cut flowers are picked from three pots of hydrangea bought reduced in Ikea last week. I planted them in three largish pots that the tulips were edited out of and they’ve added some colour to the sitting area. I may put them in the ground in autumn but I couldn’t resist picking four heads for the kitchen table, a mixture of greenish white and faded blues.

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  1. May 24, 2012 5:43 pm

    Your pictures are wonderful, even more so with you getting up so early to capture them. When I put the dog out at 6.45 the other morning I went back in for the camera as the plants looked so good in the light, but that was much later than you! We are spoilt for choice for cut flowers from the garden now, isn’t it wonderful!
    Sarah x

    • May 24, 2012 6:03 pm

      Well 6-45 would have been early enough just before the sun comes up. But I was awake and realised I would probably just lie there thinking about getting the camera and going for it for at least the next two hours.

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