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Wild Tomatoes

December 7, 2012


Late last summer a neighbour on the allotment asked if she could  share a well-kept secret. Leading me to a patch of ground  measuring about 3 metres square she lifted up some healthy green leaves and nestling amongst them were dozens of jewel-like baby tomatoes. She had been cropping these for most of the summer and she expected them to go on till the first frosts. I sampled one and it was firm and tasted delicious and unlike a lot of tomatoes on our site it was very healthy being comparably resistant to tomato blight. The added plus was that the abundant foliage was covering the ground suppressing weeds. This small, sweet, flavoursome  fruit was Golden Currant available from https://www.stormy+hall where you can download their extensive and interesting catalogue. My neighbour sowed seed at the end of January and planted four plants out in May and evidently they are vigorous and need very little support.


Yesterday I realised we were out of bread about an hour before we needed some for lunch. Since I had buttermilk in the fridge I made a loaf of Soda Bread  and it was the best ever. I had to freeze two quarters or we would have eaten it all in one day.


This pretty cyclamen C. persicum is giving me great pleasure and I especially like the little pot it came in. Indoor cyclamens require light but not direct sunlight and regular watering -test the soil and top up with water if it feels dry. This can mean up to three times a week in centrally heated rooms.

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