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Aquilegia ‘Black Barlow’

May 17, 2013

The garden is full of mostly self-seeded aquilegia and those that were helped on their way by a small person scattering the seeds from a pod late last summer. They make very fine cut flowers -these were picked three days ago along with ‘White Triumphator’ tulips that were lying horizontal over the path after heavy rain and both have remained fresh and sprightly. DSCN1205Last year’s challenge to pick a vase of flowers from the garden each week for a year has left me addicted to fresh flowers throughout the house. Whatever size the bunch there’s something uplifting and calming about bringing nature into different rooms. This Euphorbia robbiae has been in flower for four weeks in the garden and looks great at the foot of a beech hedge where it tolerates dry shade. It ‘s evergreen which is a plus and bursts into flower  in mid-April before much else has come into bloom. I love it in this turquoise glass vase which is the perfect blue tone with the acid green. DSCN1183 Yesterday I checked on the tomatoes I had daringly planted on the allotment last week and it has to be said they looked very resentful indeed. Still snugly covered in a secure micro-mesh tunnel they were somewhat less bonny than when planted.  And then this morning I unzipped the pop up greenhouse which was steamy and damp and the six pots of wild tomatoes had succumbed to wilt. Since both were sharing this space until a week ago I suspect it will not be long before the San Marzanos collapse too.   It’s a bit daft trying to grow tomatoes on my end of the allotment site because plants do well until July then suddenly the leaves blacken and that’s it. At the other end of the site tomatoes seem to thrive. I will resist trying again and use the bed for something more reliable but I needed one last go. paeony-001 With cut flowers for the house in mind I bought two Peony ‘ Sarah Bernhardt’ plants this week and put them in a sunny border behind Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’. I thought carefully about where to place them since they are long-lived and resent being moved.

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