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Glorious Plant Combinations

June 20, 2013


I didn’t need much convincing since the previous post,  that I have to find a space for Papaver orientalis. This fabulous border in a garden in Oxford where it mixes with the blue Iris siberica  has settled it for me.  In the foreground is Geranium psilostemon which I love and which is about to open here in my garden.

G. psilostemon is a brilliant mixer and looks great next to the acid green flowers of Alchemilla mollis below…


or  with the startling white Hesperis matronalis also known as Sweet rocket or Dame’s violet. This biennial freely self seeds, is sweetly scented and does well in sun or part-shade.


I am keeping a beady eye on seeds forming on the spent flowers of various hellebore, Welsh poppy and aquilegia. Below is a favourite  aquilegia (name unknown so if you can identify it please tell). All of the above flowered for weeks on end – several species of hellebore for six months- so I plan to sow seed in corners on the allotment.  The seed pods need to be dry and brown to ensure ripened seed which can then be stored in paper till autumn.


I cleared the parterre near the gate of various straggly but pretty plants that were almost over and they made a gorgeous last fling in a vase for the kitchen.DSCN1473

The parterre was ‘edited’ in preparation for a delivery of eight plants of Ornithogalum narbonense. I planted this bulbous perennial two years ago and picked flowers for the house for five months. It can be hardy but mine wasn’t and didn’t survive the winter but I am happy to buy more since it’s a great plant both in the ground and in a vase.


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