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Looking Good in August

August 1, 2013


Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ is a favourite of mine since it has several seasons of interest starting in Spring when the lime green leaves push through bare soil.  In June the tightly scrolled flowers have a primitive feel and now in August they’ve opened to a fiery red that brightens up beds all over the garden…


And another favourite is the shrub Hydrangea aspera Villosa Group with its soft lilac florets held high above the hairy pointed leaves. Last year I remembered to get the pruning right and simply cut off the dead flowers in Winter that’s all it needs and at 3 metres tall it provides a refreshing splash of colour in dappled shade hiding the garden shed.  It sits neatly behind an equally lofty Fatsia japonica which provides evergreen interest when the hydrangea drops its leaves in Winter.


But I would be more than happy with a garden full of leek seed-heads which were covered in bees this morning on a neighbouring allotment …


I’ve made a note in my journal to next year grow a small bed of parsnips and carrots that can be left to flower for cutting and I’ll also leave some leeks to put out seed-heads like these – they look magical especially against the grey shed.


A decorated Indian brass pot found at a car boot sale a few weeks ago works well with lavender, crocosmia and allium  flowers. It’s inspired me to make a list of bulbs that when cut will suit the decoration on the pot and thus far on my list are two tulips Rococo …

and Allegretto below…

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