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Globe Artichoke

August 22, 2013


I love these handsome plants (not so sure about eating them) but the pollinating bee activity on a group on a neighbouring plot convinced me to surround one side of my shed with a group of them next Spring.

DSCN1737 Within 10 days of sowing in a seed tray they are through the compost and should have plenty of time to grow over the next eight weeks before I plant them into individual pots. They’ll be over-wintered indoors on a sunny windowsill  to plant out next Spring.

It’s perfect weather in the South-West-sunny and warm with a little rain- so a good time to sow winter green seeds directly in the soil.  Two rows each of Kale Red Russian and Dwarf Green Curled (below) are now sown and covered with a mesh cloche.   Rocket, coriander and Winter lettuces will be sown in a week or two.

Suddenly there’s very little blooming in the garden so I rounded up an evergreen Hebe Albicans for bulk plus a Viticella clematis ‘Polish Spirit’ and a ground cover rose name unknown.


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