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Waste not Want Not

October 4, 2013


A holiday in September meant that many of my runner beans were left unpicked just at the young and tender stage and lots are now on the supports looking like this.  But pod them and several pretty pink and black beans or maybe several cream ones will pop out …


…the colour  will depend on the bean you planted. These can be steamed or gently boiled for 20 minutes -test for tenderness it may take longer – and use as for butter beans. Save a dozen or so to plant next year.


On a dry day last week I gathered up the seeds of Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ to store over Winter. The same can be done with Nigella ‘Love in a Mist’, Cerinthe major and nasturtium seeds over the next few weeks. Saving them in a paper bag ready to sow in Spring means I can choose where to sprinkle the seeds. If I sow them now I’ll find myself preparing the ground for summer crops and disturbing them in April.  Annuals tend to flower over a longish season this Cosmos ‘Sensation’ has been in bloom on the allotment since June.


This is the first year of my Jerusalem artichokes and they’ve reached 2m in height . The close relationship to sunflowers is evident in their very pretty flowers. The roots need to be left in the ground until the first frost.


Below is a glass of Sedum ‘Autumn Glory’ mixed with Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ which was cut back in July and is in full bloom again now.


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