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Propagating Roses

December 16, 2013


A native of Brazil this indoor plant Oxalis triangularis also known as Love Plant has exceptionally pretty triangular leaves mottled mauve on a dark plum background. I spotted it sitting in a bay window in bright daylight in a friend’s house looking very lovely and apparently the leaves close together at night. I have no houseplants here simply because the rooms with enough light are a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms. But I rely on pots of bulbs at this time of year to bring cheer.

Now at the end of the growing season is a good time to propagate roses and this is one I would love to own so I asked a neighbour if I could take cuttings. It’s a Bourbon rose ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ and is heavily scented and very beautiful.

Hardwood in this context does not mean woody and old, it refers to shoots of the current season that have started to toughen up. I selected stems the thickness of a knitting needle  (a pencil thickness would have been preferable but that meant rather dramatic pruning) and cut them just above a bud on the parent plant.  The cuttings were trimmed to 20-23cm slicing through just below a leaf joint.

These were dipped in hormone-rooting powder and planted deep in a tall pot of commercial compost. They are now in the cold frame where they will be watered and weeded regularly and will take a year to put down good roots ready to be planted out.



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