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New Year, New Vegetables

January 1, 2014

The seed catalogues are dropping through the letterbox and exciting new varieties abound. I was inclined not to grow sprouts again simply because they are in the ground and taking up space for nearly nine months of the year but Brassica ‘Petit Posy’ looks rather lovely. It’s a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts and has frilly-edged, purple and green ‘rosettes’ on long stalks. The flavour is sweet and more like Spring greens than sprouts so I might find a space for a row or two of these beauties.


I am also going to try  a Winter Squash ‘Buffy Ball’ which is a prolific variety producing up to 25 fruits on one plant. These can be baked whole and will store over a long period. Squash require very fertile ground and I have already prepared a bed with well-rotted horse manure that’s under wraps and will stay that way until May when these can be planted.

butternut squash


I shall again grow the Oriental leaf Komatsuna (below) sometimes known as Japanese Mustard spinach which I bought as plugs in August. It has the flavour of pak choi and has survived the wet weather for the last ten weeks providing a refreshing stir -fry with shallots and prawns. DSCN2042

Other than these I will most likely stick to the usual tried and tested favourites and I’ll try to use up seed packets that are waiting to be sorted into sowing times. I am already drifting into sleep planning the growing season with excitement but will attempt to restrain any sowing in the heated propagator for several weeks.


In today’s very wet weather I rounded up any variegated leaves I could find in the garden. I added stems of Sarcococca for the intensely perfumed creamy-white flowers and some stems of Rosemarinus officinalis ‘Miss Jessop’s Upright’ to add a touch of spice.

Happy New Year to All.

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