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Frosty Spring Cabbage

January 17, 2014

FrostySpringCabbageThe Spring cabbages looked very pretty covered in frost in Winter sunshine earlier this week. They’re hardy and will recover and fatten up over the next ten weeks. I had intended picking the Red Russian Kale but that too was frosty and looking lovely with its curly, red-veined leaves glistening in the sub-zero temperature.  It’s by far my most favourite crop currently with its delicious sweet flavour. I’ve made a note to grow it again in quantity later in the sowing season.

red russian kale

More shopping for seeds this week including two seed tapes- has anyone ever tried them? I bought a 5m tape for carrots ‘Amsterdam’ since thinning carrots is time-consuming and disturbing the leaves can attract the carrot fly and another 5m seed tape for perpetual spinach.  I’ll sow them in mid March and will report back.


An image from last year prompted me to sow peas ‘Kelvedon Wonder’ in a plastic gutter and it’s now indoors in the light and warm. They’ll be planted out in March when they’ve reached a height of 5cms and weather permitting.

I cut this pot of flowering Euphorbia characias wulfenii from a large shrub that’s now grown leggy. It has no new growth emerging in the centre so will be lifted out and replaced with something new as soon as it’s finished flowering. DSCN2175

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  1. January 22, 2014 2:31 pm

    Red Russian kale is my favourite winter veg. It just goes on and on and is so versatile.

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