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Spring Bulbs

March 25, 2014

t. turkestanica


Beds and borders were full of this lovely little tulip T. turkestanica in an Oxford garden last week. Planted as bulbs five years ago they’ve naturalised and re-appear every March ahead of other tulips and as a welcome extension to the Spring bulb display.

anemone blanda


In other beds carpets of blue Anemone Blanda were providing  colour and interest  whilst waiting for herbaceous plants- just visible through the soil- to wake up from Winter.




In the garden here several Erythronium Pagoda (Dog’s Tooth Violets)are in flower and have formed sizeable clumps in less than a year.  They fight for space surrounded as they are by the lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) another early harbinger of Spring but not a favourite of mine. I resent its invasive spreading habit and that it’s colonised most of my garden and I look forward to it melting away in May as thankfully it always does. It looks charming in deciduous woodlands and I can appreciate why poets celebrate it but the mat of greenery surrounding the pretty yellow flowers depress my spirits in this small garden. It’s a squatter and I am determined to evict it with a trowel bit by bit.



There’s not much to pick in the garden currently but three hellebore flowers look very sweet sitting in a saucer found at a car boot sale last weekend.

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