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Tulip Time

April 3, 2014

Here in the garden several pots of tulips are about to open and I love this stage as much as when they are in full bloom. These are T. ‘Orange Toronto’ and they were chosen to match an ornate Indian brass vase but I’m not sure I can bring myself to pick them.  DSCN2519



On the allotment the Russian kale along with the flat-leaf parsley and rocket has made a trip to pick each week since Christmas worth the effort.  But last week the kale finally come to an end with all twelve plants flowering and I stripped the bed clear. I got a call from a gardening friend who said she’d been picking her flowering kale stems and that they were tender and delicious so I’m regretting being ahead of myself.  The plus though was that removing the kale left a lovely bed of the finest soil in which I sowed  two rows of beetroot and a row of Little Gem lettuce seeds.


Weeds are coming through fast but are small enough to keep on top of with regular hoeing.  And having weeded I covered three empty beds with black plastic ready for planting courgettes, pumpkin and beans at the beginning of May. And I saved this clump of Forget-me-Nots for the kitchen table…




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