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Spring Blossom

April 11, 2014




Three multi-stemmed Amelanchier lamarkii at the end of the garden are now a frothy mass of pure white flowers. The leaves emerged just six weeks ago and transformed from pale grey into coppery-bronze and these now surround the blossom adding even more to the delicate flowers.  The performance is fleeting but when the flowers drop in a few weeks time the leaves will continue to grow and to gradually turn a fresh green. There’s another fling in Autumn as the leaves turn into shades of soft orange to red with hints of pineapple yellow.  It’s such a lovely shrub and looks stunning under-planted with bulbs of Muscari latifolium below.



Eradicating a pretty but very invasive alpine strawberry that has taken over many of the beds left me pulling out about thirty Saxifrage London Pride that were entwined in the roots. The delicate pink flowers are held on wiry stems and it flowers in mid-April so is welcome for early Spring interest. I re-planted six or so and potted up the rest to give away. DSCN2551



Last Spring I bought 3 perennial Oriental poppies from the Pound Shop. There was no name but the picture showed bright red poppies and at just one pound for three I decided they were worth a try. I planted the lumpy lifeless contents into the border not expecting much but within a few weeks green shoots had appeared. There were no flowers last year but I am very excited to see three healthy clumps have emerged this Spring. I’ll go back for more for the cutting bed on the allotment.




This week the cut flowers are Orange tulips in an Indian brass pot helped with a couple of shrill lime-green Euphorbia characias flowers.DSCN2559



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