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Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’

May 26, 2014

DSCN2727Viburnum are a huge family with a genus of more than one hundred and fifty cultivars and this is my favourite. The pure white lace cap flowers are held on tabulated branches and in the garden next door a pair are in flower framing the house on either side of a path.  Planted fifteen years ago they are now 100 cms tall so they are relatively slow-growing but they offer great interest at mid-height as well as allowing room for planting at ground level. The fresh green pleated leaves emerge in spring and are followed by purple foliage in late summer.

I sowed sweet peas just three weeks ago pushing ten seeds into ten root trainers and placed them in the heated propagator. They came through fast and with lovely long roots and are now growing up the hazel poles on the allotment.



In Southern Sicily last week a rambling rose R.  Super Excelsia was looking lovely against a pale stone wall. It has no scent but the deep magenta-pink flowers repeat throughout summer.



But nature had the edge along all roads and highways where an abundance of wild flowers lined the routes. Over the week we found valerian, euphorbia,  borage, campion, orange calendula, yellow corn marigolds,  poppies, Teucrium fruticans, fennel and more. Wild cream snap dragons were spotted in the cities thriving in paving cracks in barely any soil.




I returned to an untidy garden with spent bluebells and their strappy leaves filling all the beds. A pleached beech hedge had put out a huge amount of new growth and was blocking the path but after two hours of assertive weeding and pruning order was restored. The Sambucus nigra is in full flower and looking lovely …



…and Hydrangea petiolaris is lining walls on both sides of the garden…



The cut flowers this week are Aquilegia alpina …



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  1. June 2, 2014 12:11 am

    I really enjoyed your descriptions of plants and gardens. I’ve just started on my new garden here in Nova Scotia, Canada, and you’ve given me some ideas. I think I need to go hunting for viburnum!

    • June 2, 2014 8:05 am

      Yes do seek it out it’s a really pretty plant with three seasons of interest. Before the flowers open the petals are dainty and unusual followed by the gorgeous flowers and then in Autumn the leaf colour is dramatic. How lovely to be starting a new garden.

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