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Jam Making

June 30, 2014



French apricots are in the shops this month and an apricot and vanilla recipe using 3lbs of fruit made 3 kilner jars of delicious apricot jam. In front is a pot of ‘nearly’ strawberry jam which I whipped up very fast in a saucepan.  It has a fresh, intense  flavour and keeps in the fridge for five days but can be frozen in small batches to pour over ice-cream. Both recipes come from Diana Henry’s excellent book…



Now is a good time to sow seeds of perennial and biennials to plant out in October ready to flower next spring and early summer. Foxgloves, Canterbury bells, Nigella ‘Love in a Mist’, Hesperis (sweet rocket) and Ammi majus (below) can be sown in trays and then potted on into small pots to build up strong roots before autumn.


On the allotment wallflowers – Fire King chosen for its deep red petals- will be sown over the next week in drills in the cutting bed and thinned.



A row of Lettuce ‘Freckles’  greeted me after five days away…DSCN2904… and the runner beans are flowering and clambering up the supports. There’s been a very steady supply of courgettes from just two plants over the last few weeks. They’ve benefited from a handful of Growmore at the base every now and again so I’m applying the same to the squash plants which are rampaging round the beds.

DSCN2927My favourite cream jug is full of white cosmos and Hydrangea ‘Madame Emile Mouillere’ which has just started to flower.

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