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Small Garden- Big Borders

July 6, 2014



In a neighbour’s garden a winding path takes you through two generous sized borders each measuring about 2.5 metres on either side of the pathway. These large beds allow for a rich variety of plants some of which started flowering in May and now eight weeks on they are full to bursting with shoulder-high perennials and shrubs in full bloom.  Planting this intensely provides an abundance of flowers and yet manages to look totally natural.  Billowing clumps of fennel mingle with roses and are punctuated with the vivid purple flowers of  Salvia guaranitica  …


DSCN2935Lavatera trimestris ‘Silver Cup’  below with its intense deep pink flowers will bloom for many more weeks and is an excellent filler in these mixed borders.


A lovely collection of herbs such as this Origanum golden marjoram with its aromatic leaves edge the path scenting the air as you walk past.



On the allotment the onions and garlic have been lifted to dry in the sun and the beds are now forked over and raked flat. This week I’ll sow more seeds of parsley, rocket, dwarf green kale, beetroot and lettuce. Because of the gorgeous weather I have kept up rather well with weeding and provided I keep up with watering the allotment is within my control and looking abundant at the moment. The leaves on the new potatoes disappeared completely six weeks ago but I forked up a good crop of  ‘Charlotte’ 1st earlies that were sitting deep in the soil and in perfect health.



I love this marigold which I’ve saved seeds from two years running. They were sown in April next to the broad beans and have been flowering for six weeks. They’ll be allowed to run to seed again and in October the seed heads will be collected and saved for next year-very satisfying.

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  1. July 8, 2014 8:38 am

    I just love the planting in your friend’s garden – stunning. It’s a style I’ve aimed for but not quite managed to carry off with the same success. I’m getting there, it’s all a learning process and I know so much more now that I would take with me to a new garden.

    Calendulas are such a reliable plant, aren’t they? The weather has made such a difference to everything this year. The spells of rain have been most welcome especially as they have generally been at night. I just hope the weather doesn’t break once the schools finish for the summer.

    • July 8, 2014 8:50 am

      It’€™s a lovely combination and particularly good and vibrant at this time of year-my own garden has gone back to mostly green. But the cutting garden on the allotment is still pleasing me and the dahlias are about to flower and all inspired by you!!

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