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Parish Councils and Allotment Requests

July 21, 2014

Three years ago a number of people living in Harbertonford in Devon got together and approached the parish council to help them find an allotment site. When six or more council tax payers make a request to acquire land for such an endeavour the parish council is obliged to help. Land owners were contacted and a farmer agreed to rent out one of his fields. Within months the native hedges were trimmed and layered and the field was ploughed, limed and harrowed. DSCF5581 (2) Twenty plots were marked out some to be offered as full size others as half size, sheds were erected and a water supply plumbed. Three years later the field is fully occupied with twenty or so dedicated allotment growers and several more on a waiting list. DSCF9407


DSCN2987   DSCN2988


DSCN2986   The plots are bursting with healthy produce and below is the magical view of the verdant Devon landscape surrounding the field…DSCN2990

At an open day last weekend  Sue Deakin’s bold prints of vegetables were on sale in her shed and homemade cakes and tea were enjoyed by the many visitors.


Self-seeded coriander with the flowers as flavoursome as the leaves were on many of the plots….

DSCN2991And the purple flowers of marjoram looked great against the turquoise of this shed…



Back home the allotment sweet peas were in full flower and I picked the first of the runner beans and lots of beetroot and spinach.

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  1. July 21, 2014 9:36 am

    How lovely, this is just down the road from me and I love looking at other allotments, if they do it again can you blog the dates or let me know a link. thank you.

  2. July 21, 2014 9:49 am

    Hi Ruth

    I’ll be sure to blog the date next year. The farmer attended the open day and was delighted with the outcome. It’s a great example of people having a vision and steadily working to achieve it.

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