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Late-Summer on the Allotment

August 20, 2014



After a huge weeding session this week a green manure Phacelia tanacetifolia was sown into three small empty beds edging the paths. It’s very pretty and winter hardy and should flower this autumn to be dug in next spring.  It’s good for adding humus to poor soils and will keep the weeds down.DSCN2501


Flat-leaf parsley can be sown now for a winter supply and will crop for two years. Coriander also does well sown in late summer and is less prone to bolt than from a spring sowing.



I have a row of very healthy plum tomatoes T. San Marzano with no sign of blight- they just need more sun to fully ripen.



A  blackberry ‘Merton Thornless ‘ planted against the allotment shed is producing enormous juicy fruit.

DSCN3095 Dahlia ‘Night Queen’ with African marigolds was picked for a crazy patterned jug.  I’m saving as many dahlias as possible for a family event in ten days time.

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