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September 1, 2014

This is my first year growing dahlias and I love them and want many more varieties next Spring. Even if picked at the tight bud stage they open when in water and this weekend I filled several vases with dahlias, Cosmos ‘Sensation’ and French  marigolds for a big family celebration.


I also picked a vase or two of the last of the Hydrangea….



There are some serious dahlia growers on my allotment site and several of them claim to leave the tubers in the ground over winter. I’ll do the same with my first row covering them with a deep mulch in December.

Ruby chard and Swiss chard bought as small plugs five weeks ago are doing well and will crop until Christmas and beyond.  A tray of six modules each contained at least five small plants at the four-leaf stage and these are now filling a bed. Sowing at this time of year can be a bit hit and miss with seeds slow to germinate and buying plugs is a really great option to fill the ground fast.


If you are anywhere near Bovey Tracey in S. Devon next weekend don’t miss a festival starting on friday 5th September. There will be concerts on friday and saturday, craft for sale both in the town hall and in the gallery at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and food stalls filling the streets. This part of the South West has some of the regions best food producers plus some very talented craftsmen, painters and print makers.

For more details check it out here:



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  1. September 3, 2014 9:25 pm

    Dahlia Love! I have it too. I have 6 plants this year and it’s not enough. I always lift mine so it’ll be interesting to see how you get on. I’d much rather leave them in the ground but my plot gets quite waterlogged over winter so I’ve never risked it. Not sure I have the space to overwinter all the tubers this year though so may it a go.

    Sounds like a great festival, pity I can’t get to it. I do love this time of year with all the food festivals.

  2. September 9, 2014 8:35 am

    Yes I am selecting more. I have to say I like the smaller dahlia heads and dark reds rather than the really large flamboyant ones.

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