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Green Tomatoes

September 15, 2014


I’ve been willing my allotment tomatoes, all 2.5 kilos of them, to turn red but gave up when someone arrived with a huge quantity of ripe red plum tomatoes (she does have a greenhouse). I set to and made green tomato chutney and added a Madras spice which gave it a fantastic flavour.


600 g  green tomatoes

1 large onion

250 g of sultanas

250 g brown sugar

1 tblsp Madras curry powder

half tsp of chillie flakes

500 ml malt vinegar

Wash the toms and discard any with blips and roughly chop them. Put in a heavy-based pan with the chopped onion and the rest of the ingredients. Cook gently till the sugar has dissolved then simmer for an hour-it may take longer and should not be too wet – a thickish chutney consistency is what you are after. I started with these quantities to experiment with the Indian spice and will now make more.




My other succesful recipe this week was a thinly sliced cucumber pickled to eat as a relish with an Indian meal. I peeled a large cucumber and a shallot and sliced them both on a mandolin on the finest setting.  Then I added 2 tblsps of rice wine vinegar, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Memorable.



I rather liked these huge and bold green nasturtium leaves mixed with Sedum ‘Autumn Glory’….


…and the flowers look very pretty in a short cream pot.

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  1. September 16, 2014 11:45 am

    Thanks for linking to the Monday vase meme – the nasturtiums in particular show how just a few simple flowers can be absolutely stunning, as these certainly are. And I too am waiting for my tomatoes to ripen as I adore red tomato chutney – last year I ensured I made 12 jars, one for each month, but I didn’t quite use them all! The recipe I use is on my blog, but just a very basic one – then again, they are so simple I suppose they are all quite basic!

  2. September 19, 2014 3:46 pm

    I love the sound of the pickled cucumber. I can’t eat much sugar so the relish is off limits, looks tasty though. 🙂 Nasturtiums make a fab cut flower. I’ve used them lots this year. They’re so cheerful. Have a lovely weekend.

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