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Scent in the Garden for May

May 4, 2015


This month Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ has started to flower. It was planted 15 years ago and covers a huge metal arbour outside the kitchen door. It’s difficult to prune but we were determined to give it a good cut-back last autumn because it looks best when the foliage is tight to the frame. The result has been spectacular there are thousands of soft yellow roses opening daily and smelling of- well- roses.

And below is a reminder of my scented flowers for April: Clematis armandii, Euphorbia mellifera, Daffodil ‘Thalia’ and Skimmia fragrans.






Skimmia fragrans planted a few weeks ago had such an exquisite scent I’ve taken cuttings to increase it. I cut off eight stems of the new growth, dipped these in hormone rooting powder and planted them in a pot of fresh potting compost. They’ll be in the cold frame for the next few months and potted on as soon as they have formed a root system.


The cut flowers are a glass of Geranium macrorhizum (the leaf of which smells of pineapples when you rub it between your fingers) with Spanish bluebells…DSCN4406

Chloris at thebloominggarden has summarised her scented plants for April and left me wanting many of them for my garden here. As has Louise at wellywoman and I particularly love the sound and look of the scented narcissus ‘Geranium’.

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  1. May 25, 2015 7:51 pm

    Thanks for the mention. I love Rosa banksiae lutea, the flowers are such a delicate primrose colour..
    I am joining in with the Scent in the Garden meme a bit late this month as I have been away.

  2. May 26, 2015 8:46 am

    Don’t worry join in any time. It all adds to a greater awareness and a choice of scented plants some of which I’m pleased to say are new to me.

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