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Filling the Beds

May 23, 2017

The first of the sweet peas sown in November are now flowering and were chosen for their intense scent. The lovely long stems are the result of the deep root trainers but sorry to say I have lost the name tag.

On the allotment red and green salad leaves are making two fat rows and looking very pretty. The pak choi planted last week from a living salad purchased at the supermarket are also doing well. I plan to plant seedling peas in and around this group to fill the ground and to pick as young pea shoots to mix with the leaves. The runner beans are climbing up their bamboo supports and the first broad beans should be cropping in a week or two. With the leek seedlings now planted, the ground is almost full and all that remains to do is a gentle weeding session plus watering to bring it all together. Meanwhile more beetroot seeds and dwarf French beans will be sown in pots ready to go in when the broad beans and onions are out of the ground.

In the garden I have a completely blind rose full of healthy stems and lush leaves but no sign of a flower. I rescued it two years ago from a border smothered by the climbing Hydrangea petiolaris. My mistake was to over-feed the rose and to fail to recognise that it needs more than two hours sun. It can be re-positioned in Autumn and in the mean time the hydrangea is kept under control having discovered it makes a great cut flower.  It only lasts three days in a vase but today I shall seal the cut ends over a gas flame to see if that prolongs the display.

My fridge tidy-up lunch was inspired by Mr Slater. I fried an onion, celery, red peppers, cooked carrots and tomatoes in olive oil for 8 minutes before adding a large free-range egg- awesome.

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