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Cutting Garden

June 30, 2017

A combination of weather and a bad back means there has been no trip to the allotment for cut flowers this week. So protected with gloves I picked the handsome flowers of Acanthus mollis from a border here. This plant annoys me: its leaves are prone to mildew, the flower bracts are viciously spiteful (can’t think why it’s known as Bears Breeches) and it arrives in different beds uninvited oh and it’s hard to dig out. However seeing them in a pot on the kitchen table with the fabulous shadow reflected in  the painted wood I am reconsidering. Instead I will try to lift them out in Autumn and re-plant next to the allotment shed.

Beautiful Ammi majus…

..and ever hopeful for late-summer cut flowers, I sowed seeds five weeks ago in root trainers and they are now ready to plant.

There’s room in the bed next to the greenhouse which is sheltered and sunny and empty and I may even be able to protect them there over winter.

Pockets of Geranium psilostemon are dotted around the garden brightening up things and mingling well with the acid green of Alchemilla mollis.

And a handful of Charlotte potatoes were lifted to see the size they had reached. It will be at least another four weeks before looking again but they made a great frittata with the cooked leaves of beetroot and a fried red onion added to four eggs.

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