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Courgettes into Marrows into Jam

July 6, 2017

It can happen within days. You resist picking the courgettes at 20 cm then five days later they have grown into monster marrows. My favourite way to use these handsome beauties is to make marrow and ginger jam.


Peel the marrows and with a spoon scoop out all the seeds from the middle of the plant. Chop to sugar cube size along with 50 g of peeled ginger root. Weigh and then steam the chopped fruit/vegetable for fifteen minutes. Tip the steamed marrow and ginger into a preserving pan with the same amount of jam sugar and the juice of three lemons. Stir till the sugar has completely dissolved then boil rapidly to the setting stage. The weight after preparing my marrows was 1.7 k plus the same weight in sugar and it made three kilner jars.

The tomatoes are looking a bit exhausted in the allotment greenhouse, a combination of intense sunshine and irregular watering. The beefsteak toms look promising though and I have removed all the side-shoots on the stems and given them a good feed at the base with comfrey tea.

The seeds of a heritage Palestinian squash brought back from our trip in the Spring have produced three fruit so far.

The French beans are showing flowers and more seeds were sown in three pots here last week.

The warm weather encouraged germination fast and they are just peeping through the compost.

And an aquilegia with a few flowers and some pretty seed heads was enough to grace the kitchen table this week.

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