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Planning Bulbs for Next Year

July 13, 2017

The bulb catalogues are dropping through the letter box and whilst I am in no hurry to see the summer over it has none the less got me thinking. Alliums make a great addition to the garden: flowering for weeks on end, remaining upright and mingling with other plants they add extraordinary form. So I am planning an early Autumn planting session when herbaceous plants and shrubs can be cut back and when it’s easier to see the areas where added bulb interest is needed.

I plan to plant drifts of A. sphaerocephalon…

…to come through the foliage of Helleborus argutifolius which will then provide the alliums with support. Their dots of deep plum flowers looked great this summer contrasting with the grey/green leaves of the hellebore. These perennials flowered from December through to April and the three substantial plants can easily support thirty or more alliums to flower from May till June…


Another favourite is Allium christophii with its stunning large heads…

Allium bulbs

…to be saved and sprayed silver for Christmas decorations…

It appeared in various beds this summer self-seeded from bulbs bought a few years ago and it’s a great addition to a border. These handsome plants deserve a more considered space in the garden so I shall weave them the length of a border containing shrub roses and Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’.

Allium multibulbosum planted in a parterre two years ago was very succesful and it’s time to repeat these…

Allium siculum is also on the list…

And I’m yet to think about tulips but will definitely include  T. ‘White Triumphator’ in my order. This was it two years ago…

 Agapanthus in pots outside the kitchen door unexpectedly produced flower-heads a month or so ago and now in full bloom they look great against the newly lime-washed house wall.

And a new recipe for courgettes was to cut them with a hand spiralizer which was very easy to use. I cooked the strips in a large frying pan for 2 minutes in a small amount of water then added pre-cooked chillie con carne and added mozzarella before grilling. A lovely low-carb supper.

Cut flowers this week are Allium sphaerocephalon and Alchemilla mollis.

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  1. July 14, 2017 8:09 am

    Tulip ‘White Triumphator’ looks fantastic against those lovely carved hedges.

    • July 14, 2017 8:16 am

      Yes finding that image was a good reminder. I’m often tempted to try new combinations but when things work really welI it’s worth going back to them.

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