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June 23, 2018

I am loving these sweet peas from seeds saved from last year. They were sown in Winter and planted out in early March and three weeks ago I sowed more and planted them out today.

Purple peas are also flourishing and I will try very hard not to eat them whilst gardening. I rarely seem able to grow kilos of these beauties but even a handful uncooked and added to salads is a real treat.

I lifted a garlic and discovered an entire row was suffering from Botrytis squomosa lurking in the soil from last year probably. The row next to it was fine although the bulbs are small but I knew it was best to lift them out to dry in the sun.

The spinach has gone to flower but waste not want not I stripped the leaves and cut the plant back to ground level to see if it sprouts new leaves. Then I could wait no longer and lifted a handful of first early  ‘Charlotte’ potatoes plus broad beans and the spinach and steamed them for supper with salmon steaks.


Hmm. There are masses and masses of flowers on the courgette plants and I have four of them !! So I am rapidly gathering recipes and remembering last year that cutting them into ribbons and substituting the strips for pasta was very good.


There’s a need to be ruthless with self-seeders on the allotment with calendula and nasturtiums and ‘Love in a Mist’ crowding out the beds. All three are a delight to behold when in flower but there’s a limit. So I picked these nigella flowers and then took out the entire plant.

Globe artichokes have been especially good this year and at least eight have been cropped and steamed. A friend’s Maltese mother always mixes bread crumbs and garlic and lemon into a paste with olive oil to stuff around the leaves before standing the heads upright in water to steam for 30 minutes. I considered doing this and tapped them upside down before preparing the mix but there was evidence of black fly. So I carefully washed them and then steamed the heads and inspected each leaf before dipping in a French dressing. Very good.

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  1. June 25, 2018 7:13 am

    Wow, it is late to be sowing Sweet Peas, but then I saw Monty Don sow peas this week so it must be worth the try! The love in a mist on their own in a vase is stunning.

  2. June 25, 2018 9:22 am

    Yes a bit of a gamble but the glorious weather means daily watering so I am optimistic.

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