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Keep Sowing Seeds

July 24, 2018

 Artichoke ‘Green Globe’ seeds sown about ten days ago plus a couple of courgettes have germinated fast. The artichokes will be potted on and probably kept until next Spring to pick them small next Summer. But the courgettes will be planted out on the allotment to continue a supply for a bit longer. A delicious courgette and Halloumi fritter recipe found on-line has been very popular either as a starter or a light supper at least once a week.


And the best way to keep supermarket herb plants healthy and productive is to re-plant them in largish pots. Then keep picking and water regularly and they will remain productive for weeks on end. The coriander and Greek basil in the image above were planted four weeks ago and there’s plenty of life left in both.

The garden looks a bit colourless currently but there’s always enough for a vase for the kitchen table. An un-named pink hydrangea looks pretty next to the pink flowers of a Gaura ‘Sisyu Pink’ with a stem or two of Verbena bonariensis.

And on the allotment a delightful flowering Oregana marjorana is mingling with an upright Rosmarinus officianalis.



A thorn-less blackberry planted against the allotment shed about three years ago is this year, for the first time, producing fruit.

The sunflowers ‘Velvet Queen’ have begun to open and the bees are all over the flowers gathering pollen.  They make a great cut flower and last five days in a vase and they are meant to be hardy.   I plan to cut them back when they stop producing flowers and the base will be protected with a mulch over Winter.

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  1. August 4, 2018 9:25 am

    The gardens here are usually full of colour at this time but even the echinacea and monarda are struggling in the heat, despite regular watering. I’m going to resow beans and lettuces in the hopes of a few more crops before autumn; it will be interesting to see the courgette fruit you get.

    • August 4, 2018 9:38 am

      Yes my garden is really lacking in colour currently and the beech hedges look Autumnal. I will blog the courgette progress but not hugely optimistic.

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